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How and why have you started graphic design?

I’ve started when I was 13 years old; to work with a computer like my old brother and I kept on doing it for passion.
I started skateboarding the same way, to do like my big brother.

What are the steps to create the logos?

First of all a lot of Internet and magazines research… Then, some quick roughs, and only then, I work on my computer (Illustrator). This last step is not always the longest but certainly the most decisive and the most complicated.

Some of the riders give you elements to create the logos and are always satisfied with the results. How do you adapt to them?

Ultimately, developing a project with a rider is kind of the same than doing it on my own, except that he helps me with the research. It’s not always easy but it’s kind of fun to work on common ideas. I adapt my work to the riders ideas, but more like a tatoo! A translation of his idea into my language.

Do you work together?

Therefore yes! And all the ideas come from intern “brainstorming”. However nobody wakes up early enough to work with me since I always get up around 6AM. So I get a head start and then I wait for their critics to modify the logo or not!!!

What are your influences? Do you draw on your memories or do you follow some of the designers you like?

It is true that I always keep an eye on artists, designers and photographers that I like. The list would be to long… (Tyrsa, cuypi, illstudio, Timber, Joan Cornellà, French Fred, JR for example…)

Will you prepare your part and pro-model as everyone expects you to?

Was this interview written by JP (Villa)? I skate when I have some time to spare and I love it just as much as I always did. But my work as a designer is time consuming and I wouldn’t be able to prepare a big part, so my pro-model won’t be out this year.