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Barcelona march 2014

Victor Pellegrin hubba grind
photo:Aristide Bruchon



Camille Genelot 360 flip

Camille Genelot, 360flip
photo : Aristide Bruchon


Victor Pellegrin bs smith in Barcelona

A part of the crew was in Barcelona few days ago. Report edit is coming soon
Victor Pellegrin, backside smithgrind
photo : Aristide Bruchon



Teaser of "The Scene"

Teaser of "The Scene" by aVisualShit for Kingpin Skateboarding with
Jp Villa, Stephane Giret, Matisse Banc, Anto Forot and Camille Genelot!
Check the full edit here :



Jp Villa and Vinicius Santos

Jp Villa and Vinicius Santos no Campo Limpo
Filmed and edited by Carlos Scupê


Matisse Banc setting up in Barcelona

Matisse Banc setting up in Barcelona this days...


CemporcentoSKATE - Largo da Batata

Check Jp Villa , Sandro Bertolucci and the Honeypot crew Marcelo Garcia and Murilo Romao
in this podcast made by cemporcento skate in Brazil .. New spot and lot of tricks !!



Marley's retrospective

Video part Celebrating 10 years of skateboarding of Gregory Laufersweiller aka "Marley" or "MRL" our artistic director, skater and boss !
A Dope retrospective edited by our man Vincent Jugnet!! .. hope you all like it cause we got a lot of respect for this man!!! Blaze it !


Awesome fs blunt

Nabil Slimani fs blunt
photo : Sébastiano Bartoloni

Lonely Highway


Almost 2 minutes of Victor Pellegrin in this sick trip across the usa .. enjoy
LONELY HIGHWAY from Guillaume Périmony on Vimeo


Tour in Brazil

Blaze Supply and Honeypot Wheels tour in Brazil .. enjoy


Audioclan rocks again!

RAPBOX - Ep.40 - AUDIOCLAN - "A Meta"


Clip Audioclan - Sai da frente

Clip de nos potos brésiliens du groupe Audioclan,
nous les remercions d'y avoir représenté Blaze Supply
ainsi que la marque de roue Honeypot Wheels


Introducing the cruiser

Introducing the cruizer with Anto Forot .. music by our friends from Audio Clan .. check it out
Quick clip filmed and edited by Romain Gerlach


Blaze Supply Wake'n Bake Tour

Souvenirs from the wake and bake tour ..Just how we live .. Just to remember ..
Mr Jp Villa is now in brazil for 3 months , get the chance to skate with him !!


KatyKat supports Blaze Supply

#KatyKat wearing our Starter Caps and supporting Blaze Supply
photo : Florent Huot
#FlorentHuot http://huotdesaintalbin.com


Victor Pellegrin - Blaze Supply 2014


quick clip filmed and edited by Boris Proust


Blaze Supply's Pro Jp Villa

filmed in Lyon & Barcelona by Aristide Bruchon & Daniel Galli
edited by Aristide Bruchon


Diego Garcez for Crystal Grip

Different Brands , same crew .. Diego Garcez for Crystal Grip .. Keep Hustlin and Blazin


Matisse Banc & Jp Villa - Blaze Supply 2014


New Edit every week .. knock them out the box
quick clip filmed and edited by Aristide Bruchon